Interview with Michael Chang

A Conversation with Michael Chang, Operations Manager (St. Mary's)

What is something about you that surprises people when they first hear it?

I'm the baby in the family with two older sisters. One thing that surprises people the most is that I Michael with his familywas born at 10 months! I was an 11-pound baby and didn't want to come out.

Michael Chang

What were the 3 biggest turning points in your life?

Michael with his girlfriendThe first one is when I graduated college while supporting myself. The second point is when I met my current girlfriend, Kimberly, who also inspires me to be better, and finally getting into a career path that I want. A path I see myself going into is an operations director role in the inpatient setting or an outpatient clinic.

What are some of your personal rules that you refuse to break?

I would say it's more like 3 pet peeves. I never leave clothes on the floor. Anything that should be closed, but isn't (e.g., placing the cap back on the toothpaste). Another one is never being late to things. I don't like wasting time waiting.

What do you regret not doing when you were younger?

I was really shy as a kid, so I regret not being more social. It was when I met my high school friends that I overcame being shy. They dragged me out everywhere. You'll be surprised at how we all met, it was through playing Yu-Gi-Oh!Michael and friends

If you could switch places with one of your friends for a day, who would it be?

My friend, Angelica, who lives in Japan for Hypebeast. She creates creative content as a videographer. I like to do videography as hobby, such as travel vlog videos. Japan is one of my favorite countries to visit. If you ever visit Japan, I recommend going to Kyoto and Osaka. Tokyo is a bit overrated.

When was the time you cried and why?

I recently cried after watching a Korean drama called My Holo Love on Netflix. The main character fell in love with the AI. The actress who portrayed the main character is one of my favorites! The part that made me cry was when the AI decided to delete himself to save everybody. My favorite Korean drama is Strong Girl.

What is your most memorable gift?

My dad gave me the most memorable gift. I remembered at around 11-12 years old, it was right after my parents separated. I was looking through a window and saw a watch I really liked. My dad noticed that I wanted the watch and bought it for me.

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