Heme-BMT Hospitalist Service

John Dzundza image

John Dzundza, MD
Medical Director of Heme-BMT Hospitalist Service

Photo of Madison Paddock

Madison Paddock, MD
Assistant Medical Director of Heme-BMT Hospitalist Service

The UCSF Heme-BMT Hospitalist Service is a collaborative service involving the Division of Hospital Medicine and the Division of Hematology/Oncology at UCSF. The service provides inpatient care to patients requiring bone marrow transplant or management of malignancies of the hematopoietic system ("liquid tumors"). The service admits approximately 1,200 patients per year.

Created in July 2007, the Heme-BMT Hospitalist Service is staffed with a unique hybrid model involving collaborative care provided by both hospitalists and oncology faculty. The hospitalists on the Heme-BMT service are physicians trained in Internal Medicine who manage the day-to-day care of the patients while the oncology physicians provide the necessary oncologic expertise. The service is organized in teams involving an oncologist, a hospitalist, and a nurse practitioner.

The service is dedicated to providing the highest quality, safest, and most compassionate and patient-centered care. The Heme-BMT Hospitalist Service thrives on a team model, where nurses, pharmacists, and physicians work closely together to maximize patient-centered care.

Please contact John Dzundza at [email protected] or Madison Paddock at [email protected] for any questions.