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Clinical Assistant

The Hospital Medicine Clinical Assistant is a critical role which will assist with maximizing the care of, and assuring safe patient discharges from the UCSF Goldman Medical Service, which is a direct care service (i.e. no learners). The individual will work closely with the Division Chief, Medical Director and Assistant Medical Director of the Goldman Service, and Division Manager. This position acts as a liaison with the discharge coordinators regarding appointments with patient’s primary care provider prior to discharge and other patient-based activities.

The Hospital Medicine Clinical Assistant augments the care provided to the patients on the service by addressing administrative clinical issues, determining optimal times for post-discharge follow-up care, discovering any outside records that may be helpful, enhancing communication between the inpatient and outpatient providers, and providing any additional support to the patient as appropriate. This also includes following up on important labs such as pathology results when patients are discharged in order to ensure the Primary Care Providers (PCP) receive results, and patients are set-up for appropriate follow-up care.

The individual is also responsible for following up with patients for key hospitalization-related concerns after their hospital stay (for example, triaging calls for the post-discharge phone line and answering patient questions when appropriate). This position may evolve as this role is new, thus adaptability is key.

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