Why San Francisco?

San Francisco is known for its array of dining choices, cultural landmarks, and progressive thinking. Life in the city is truly diverse, with each neighborhood boasting of its own microcosm of foods, styles, and activities. There is so much to San Francisco that at times it can feel overwhelming - in a very positive way. Here is a guide to some of our favorite things to do, eat, and see in San Francisco.

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From world-renowned fine dining to hole-in-the-wall gems, San Francisco has a lot to offer a hungry stomach.



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San Francisco is a city of diversity. As with all big cities, it helps to find your niche, and there are plenty of choices.

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Even in the middle of big city you can find lots of nature parks, music scenes, and nightlife.

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Everyone loves the attractions and places that make San Francisco famous, but there are also hidden wonders known only by the locals.



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UCSF is one of the top employers in the Bay Area. It offers the many cultural and intellectual benefits of a thriving campus. Come and join us!

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San Francisco has a plethora of museums, galleries, theaters, and science attractions to choose from, San Francisco has something for everyone.

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A few destinations stick out in everyone’s mind when they think of San Francisco, and for good reason, these attractions have been SF favorites for decades.



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Each neighborhood has its own niche shops and boutiques. And of course, there are great shopping districts for every kind of taste

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We know you love your car(s), but in San Francisco there are plenty of public transportation means available to beat the traffic.

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