Requirements and Resources for New Hires

Dear New DHM Faculty or Non-ACGME Fellow,

We want to take this opportunity to welcome you to the UCSF Division of Hospital Medicine in the Department of Medicine. We take great pride in our division's accomplishments and character, and we know that you will be a great addition, helping to build on our successes in clinical care, research, education, and leadership. Please click on the items below and read though them.

Your contact person for all onboarding questions:
Sally Guthrie
Onboarding Coordinator
[email protected]
415-476-7931 (phone)
415-476-4818 (fax)

Things to do now
  1. Our office will send you a copy of your contract letter shortly. In the meantime, please reply to Sally Guthrie with the items below at your earliest convenience. These items are required by the Office of Medical Affairs and Governance and HR to create your user profiles. You will receive log-in instructions directly from them in order to complete the online applications. Credentialing and privileging take about 3-4 months to process, so please plan accordingly to meet all deadlines to ensure a timely start date.
    • Your name as it appears on your social security card
    • Your social security number
    • Date of birth
    • City of birth
    • NPI number
    • Expected start date
    • Electronic signature: you may fax this at 415-476-4818 or email it as a pdf
    • Best email or phone number to contact you for follow-up questions
  2. If you are coming from outside of CA, please submit your medical license application immediately, if you have not done so yet. This process can take up to 6 months.
  3. DEA fee is waived—physicians employed by a "federal or state funded healthcare agency" receive a waiver for the DEA license fee. The answer for all faculty is "Yes." The form requires identification of the agency: University of California, San Francisco, and an agency official: Annie Droste, Division Manager, [email protected], 415-514-1780.
  4. Please complete and return the below (Faculty only):
  5. CV in UCSF format (view the template and guidelines) and be sure to include your CA Medical License number if you have one
Things to do at least 6 weeks before start date

Log into the UC Learning Center to complete the following training requirements.

  1. Online APeX Training Module: APeX is electronic medical record at UCSF. You will be asked if you are a Fellow:
  • If yes, follow the plan for Fellow → Click Inpatient Fellows & Residents
  • If no, follow the plan for Providers → Click Inpatient Provider

Classroom training is only required if you do not pass the online modules: Register for an instructor-led course, which requires in-person attendance. Online courses must be completed prior to classroom training.

Other training modules in the Campus tab to be completed:

Once you have obtained MyAccess, please edit your "Applications" by "Managing Favorites" to include the Wiki. Once you have added the Wiki to your MyAccess homepage, please enter the Wiki and select "Spaces." Search for the Division of Hospital Medicine and add to your space directory. In the left-hand column, select "New Hires Notebook" and review all tabs applicable to your new role. Please complete sections applicable to you.

  • MyAccess: UCSF's single sign-on service that enables you to access a variety of applications via a common user ID and password. Once you sign in to MyAccess, you will be able to browse and link to a broad list of UCSF applications, including Advance which is an online tool for academic appointments and advancements. Request MyAccess.
  • Physician Time Study California Department of Health Services: All UCSF Physicians are required to complete time studies in order for the clinical departments to receive Medi-Cal SPA reimbursement under the State Plan Amendment 05-023 & Medi-Cal Hospital/Uninsured Care Demonstration (No. 11-W-00193-9) project. As part of national Medicaid reform, these funds help bridge the gap between the reimbursement paid by the state for Medi-Cal patients and the actual cost of providing care to this population. In order to participate in this program, all UCSF physicians who report time are required to complete a brief training course before completing the time study form. Search for "time study" when you log into the UC Learning Center. For your reference, read the FAQs.
  • Occupational Health Clearance: Their office will reach out 1-2 months before your start date to schedule an exam. They will also request updated immunization records.
  • ID badge: Please send Natalia Loaiza your preferred name for your badge (e.g., Kat instead of Katherine). HR will give you instructions on where to obtain your ID during your HR orientation.
  • Clinical schedule: If you would like to confirm your clinical schedule, please contact Christine Lam at [email protected] or 415-885-3723. You can also access all DHM clinical schedules online. Go to Amion with the password "ucsf hosp."
  • Your contact information at UCSF:
    Phone number: TBD
    Fax number: 415-476-4818
    Mailing address: 521 Parnassus Avenue, Room 104, Box 0131, SF, CA 94143-0131
  • Do you know your contact person in the division for any of the onboarding questions below that you may need help with? Your contact is Sally Guthrie at 415-476-7931.
  • Have you completed the necessary online training requirements below? Log into the Learning Center.
  1. APeX training: click the APeX tab → click "Provider/NP & PA/Fellow/Resident/Medical Student" → "Inpatient Only." Classroom training is only required if you do not pass the assessment test after 3 attempts.
  2. Safety Training
  3. Infection Prevention 
  4. Professionalism in Healthcare
  5. Cyber Security Awareness Training 
  6. Sexual Violence and Harassment Prevention Training
  7. Physician and Allied Health: AIDET SMiLe
  8. Workplace Violence Prevention in Healthcare
  9. Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)
  10. Physician Time Study: California Department of Health Services
  • Have you set up your MyAccess account? If not, you can request one here.
  • Have you uploaded your CV into Advance and added your proxy?
  • Have you submitted your information on UCSF Profiles? If not, sign into Profiles.
  • Do you have your ID card? If not, go to: WEID.
  • Do you have your pager? If not, contact your contact person in your division to obtain one.
  • Do you know how to access schedules of clinical services? Go to Amion.
  • Do you know how to page other attendings? Go to CareWeb.
  • Do you need to know where to park? This site has all the details about UCSF parking.
  • Do you have a white coat?
  • Do you know your email address, work phone number, work address and box number?
  • Do you have the following orientation sessions on your calendar? Contact Rosemary Yau, if you are not aware of the specific dates:
  1. Division Orientation: Contact Sally Guthrie for information on divisional orientations, if any.
  2. Department of Medicine (DOM) Orientation: You will be asked to attend a departmental orientation with the DOM Chair and other members of the department.
  3. HR and Benefits Orientation: You will receive an email inviting you to attend a benefits orientation where you will fill out payroll forms and receive information on your benefits and instructions on how to enroll.
  • Have you logged into UC Path? On UC Path, you can:
  1. Update your tax withholdings (W4)
  2. Make your benefit selection (medical, dental, etc. as applicable for your appointment)
  3. Enroll in direct deposit
  4. Select beneficiaries
  5. Update your mailing address and other information as needed
  • Do you know how to designate a delegate on MyExpense for reimbursements?
  1. Log onto MyAccess and click on the MyExpense application
  2. Go to "Profile" → "Profile Settings" → "Expense Delegates" → "Add Delegate"
  3. Enter the name or email of your delegate
  4. Enter the name or email of a second delegate, if desired
  5. Make sure the following boxes are checked: Can Prepare, Can Submit, and Can View Receipts
  6. Click Save
  • Would you like to know more about UCSF Life (e.g., available child care, campus dining, fitness, sports leagues, and everything under the sun)? Go to:
    Required Orientation Sessions
    1. Division of Hospital Medicine (DHM) Orientation: There will be divisional orientation with Brad Monash and Annie Droste. If you do not receive information at least two weeks before your start date, please contact Sally Guthrie.

    2. Department of Medicine (DOM) Orientation: DHM is under the larger umbrella of the DOM. You will be asked to attend a departmental orientation with the DOM Chair and other members of the department. If you do not receive this email at least two weeks before your start date, please contact Ilona Paredes.

    3. HR and Benefits Orientation: You will receive an email inviting you to attend a benefits orientation where you will fill out payroll forms and receive information on your benefits and instructions on how to enroll. Please plan to attend one of these sessions. If you do not receive this email, please contact Rita Zakhem.

    4. Orientation on Hospitalist Clinical Services: Please contact the Medical Directors, as necessary.