St. Mary's Medical Service

Ari Hoffman

Ari Hoffman, MD
Medical Director of
St. Mary's Medical Service

Matt Jeong

Matt Jeong MD
Assistant Medical Director of
St. Mary's Medical Service

The Medical Service at St. Mary’s Medical Center is our newest clinical service, caring for patients admitted through both the UCSF Medical Center and St. Mary’s Emergency Departments, as well as direct admissions from referring clinics. This service is a core component of the expanding partnership between UCSF and Dignity Health to collaborate and combine the best of both academic and community-based health care (see UCSF press release August 8, 2017 here). The UCSF Division of Hospital Medicine launched a Medicine service at Saint Mary's Medical Center (SMMC) in February, 2018, and will be expanding to four daytime teams with a swing shift and night coverage starting on October 1, 2018. This will include two direct care teams and two teaching teams with St. Mary’s Internal Medicine residents. We are excited to welcome a new group of hospitalists into the DHM family and expand our opportunities to engage in the core UCSF mission of caring, healing, teaching, and discovering.

Questions about the Medicine Service at St. Mary’s can be directed to Ari Hoffman at [email protected] or Matt Jeong at [email protected]