Name Title
Yumiko Abes-Jones, MS Data Manager
Sherry Chen, MPA Operations Manager (St. Mary's)
Jenica Cimino Program Manager, Quality and Safety
Annie Droste, MPA Division Manager and Administrative Director
Jennifer Feld, MHA Quality Improvement Analyst
Nancy Huynh Finance Manager
Christine Lam Administrative Analyst
Jennifer Lee Fellowship Coordinator
Katherine Li Assistant Division Manager
Sarah Lingat Administrative Analyst
Natalia Loaiza Administrative Analyst
Dharana "Donna" Portillo, MPA Quality Improvement Analyst
Shalonda Reliford-Titus Administrative Analyst (St. Mary's)
Oralia Schatzman Administrative Analyst
Rosemary Yau Administrative Analyst
Wendi Zhao, MHI Data Manager (50% DHM Data Core and 50% CLIIR)

Heal Initiative

Name Title
Rachel BeLieu, MPH Administrative Analyst
Jack Fukushima Curriculum Coordinator
Elizabeth Olson, MPH Program Officer
Joseph Scarpelli, MPH Program Director
Meg Tremblay, MPH Program Officer
Sangeeta Tripathi, MPP Strategy and Operations Director

Research Staff

Name Title
Judy Maselli, MSPH Senior Statistician (for Andy Auerbach)

Bob Wachter's AHRQ WebM&M/AHRQ Patient Safety Network (PSNet) Group

Name Title
Erin Hartman, MS Project Director and Editorial Director
Tiffany Lee Project Analyst
Vida Lynum Project Analyst

Center for Clinical Informatics and Improvement Research (CLIIR)

Name Title
Anjali Garg, MS Assistant Director
Crissy Thao, MPH Program Manager
Wendi Zhao, MHI Data Manager (50% DHM Data Core and 50% CLIIR)