Name Title
Yumiko Abes-Jones, MS Data Manager
Michael Chang Operations Manager (St. Mary's)
Annie Droste, MPA Division Manager and Administrative Director
Sally Guthrie Administrative Officer
Nancy Huynh Finance Manager
Solomon Joseph Administrative Analyst (St. Mary's)
Christine Lam Scheduling Specialist
Jennifer Lee Fellowship Manager
Connie Li Clinical Assistant
Sarah Lingat Finance Assistant
Lena Loo, MHA Administrative Analyst
Martha Ockenfels-Martinez, MPH Health Equity and DEI Project Manager
Eric Ng Administrative Analyst
Sandra (Martinez) Oreper, MPH Academic Research Coach
Keerthana Radhakrishnan Data Core Analyst
Madison Sui, MBA Quality Improvement Specialist
Rachel White QI Program Manager
Rosemary Yau Assistant Division Manager

Heal Initiative

Name Title
Rachael Azadehnia HEAL Operations Officer
Adriann Begay Navajo Nation Senior Officer
Rachel BeLieu, MPH Program Manager
Eva Cordero Program Associate
My Nguyen Project Coordinator
Joseph Scarpelli, MPH Director of Recruitment + Partnerships
Sami Schilf Communications Officer
Varsha Subramanyam Curriculum Officer
Meg Tremblay, MPH Program Officer
Sangeeta Tripathi, MPP Strategy and Operations Director

Research Staff

Name Title
Guillen Austria Clinical Research Coordinator
Colin Hubbard Senior Statistical Scientist
Tiffany Lee Program Manager (for Andy Auerbach)
Amber Martin Clinical Research Coordinator (for Liz Dzeng)
Juliette Moore Clinical Research Coordinator (for Liz Dzeng)
Lorraine Pereira Research Assistant (for Liz Dzeng)

Center for Clinical Informatics and Improvement Research (CLIIR)

Name Title
Brad Iott Postdoc Scholar
Jake Joseph Research Assistant
Grace Krueger Project Manager/Research Assistant
Ariel Linden Research Specialist
Natalya Maisel Senior Research Manager
Sarah Rosenthal Research Assistant
Robert Thombley Lead Data Architect
Chris Toretsky Health Informatics Data Analyst