Previous Fellows


Theodore Peng, Assistant Clinical Professor, DHM, UCSF 
Matthew Murrill, Assistant Clinical Professor, DHM, UCSF


Nicole Curatola, Assistant Clinical Professor, DHM, UCSF
Nathan Juergens, Hospital Medicine Physician, Alameda County Hospital
Rachel Lande, Clinical Instructor, Medicine, University of Washington


Allison Bond, Assistant Clinical Professor, DHM, UCSF
Cat Burke, Assistant Clinical Professor, DHM, UCSF


Shradha Kulkarni, Assistant Clinical Professor, DHM, UCSF
Lev Malevanchik, Assistant Clinical Professor, DHM, UCSF
Akshar Rambachan, Assistant Clinical Professor, DHM, UCSF


James Anstey, Assistant Professor, Oregon Health & Sciences University
Nicholas Iverson, Assistant Professor of Medicine, UCSF, Zuckerberg San Francisco General Division of Hospital Medicine
David Sterken, Assistant Professor of Medicine, University of Wisconsin Division of Hospital Medicine, [email protected]

Peter Barish, Assistant Clinical Professor, DHM, UCSF
Zachary Jacobs, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Oregon Health & Sciences University, Division of Hospital Medicine

Amy Berger, Associate Medical Director, Denali Therapeutics
Nicole Van Groningen, Assistant Professor, Cedars-Sinai, Hospital Medicine

Archna Eniasivam, Director of DHM Social Medicine, Co-director for Health & and the Individual, Health and Society, UCSF Medical School, Associate Clinical Professor, DHM, UCSF
Sajan Patel, Associate Director of Quality Improvement, Director of Clinical Documentation, Associate Clinical Professor, DHM, UCSF
Rachel Weiss, Assistant Professor, University of Virginia, Division of Hospital Medicine

Jon Duong, Associate Professor, DHM, UCSF
Trevor Jensen, Associate Professor, DHM, UCSF

Hemali Patel, Associate Professor of Medicine, Assistant Director of Quality Improvement and Co-director of Clinical Operations, University of Colorado, Hospital Medicine, [email protected]
Alvin Rajkomar, Research Scientist, Google Brain; Assistant Clinical Professor, DHM, UCSF
Elizabeth Stewart, Director of Quality Improvement, Division of Hospital Medicine, Highland Hospital

Ethel Wu, Associate Clinical Professor, DHM, UCSF

Allison DeKosky, Director of Inpatient Quality Initiatives and Education, APD for Quality and Safety, University of Pittsburgh
Nader Najafi, Associate Professor, Director of Data Core, DHM, UCSF
Marwa Shoeb, Assistant Professor, DHM, UCSF

Larry Haber, Associate Professor of Medicine, Director of Medicine Consult and Co-Management Services, Director of Faculty Development, Division of Hospital Medicine, ZSFG, [email protected]
Saraswati Iobst, Hospitalist, Miami, FL

Brad Butcher, Assistant Professor of Critical Care Medicine, University of Pittsburgh, Director, Critical Illness Recovery Center, Co-director, Medical-Surgical ICU, UPMC Mercy Hospital,
Chase Coffey, Associate Chief Medical Officer, Los Angeles County + USC Medical Center, [email protected]
Patrick Kneeland, Vice President for Medical Affairs, DispatchHealth. Clinical Professor of Medicine, University of Colorado,, [email protected]

Michelle Mourad, Professor of Medicine, DHM and Vice Chair for Clinical Affairs, DOM, UCSF
Som Mookherjee, Director of Faculty Development, Director of Hospital Medicine Fellowship, Division of General Internal Medicine, University of Washington

Nazima Allaudeen, Director of Quality Improvement for Inpatient Medicine, Palo Alto Veterans Affairs, Stanford/Palo Alto VA , [email protected]