Interview with Sanjay Reddy, MD

A Conversation with Sanjay Reddy, Associate Clinical Professor

Your name, Sanjay, has several meanings: conquering, triumphant, victor, and/or protector. Which most represents your personality?

SRProtector would be the most accurate although I haven’t really protected anything yet.

Where did you grow up?

We grew up in a very small dairy town, Malone, in Northern New York, right on the Vermont-Quebec border.

As a physician and acupuncturist, how do you respond to skeptics?

Skepticism is important and it’s fair. The diagnostics used in acupuncture are very different from Western diagnostics and that makes it hard to study. I understand why people may be skeptical but one of the fantastic things about our department is that so many people here are open to the idea of studying it.

What is your best attribute as a friend?

I am very loyal and good about staying in touch with people and picking up where we left off.

Do you need much justification for a get together?

No justification, impromptu dinners are great – I like getting people together who don’t know each other.

What treat do you anticipate purchasing with a tax refund – want or need?

There’s not much I really need, maybe the next iPad (which I want).  

What is in your book collection?

Writers like Herman Hesse, Thomas Mann, and Joseph Campbell. I also have a lot of comics and animal photography books. I wanted to be a nature photographer when I was younger but then remembered that I’m scared of insects.  

What three adjectives might your significant other use to describe you?

Goofy, stubborn, and, I hope, caring.

Thank you, Sanjay.

- by Oralia Schatzman

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