Nighttime Hospitalist Service (NHS)

Head shot of Aline Zorian

Aline Zorian, MD
Medical Director of Nighttime Hospitalist Services

The Nighttime Hospitalist Service (NHS) provides direct care, supervision of medicine housestaff, nighttime education for medicine housestaff, and nighttime coverage of hospitalist direct care medicine services at UCSF-Parnassus. Four night hospitalists are in-house overnight with specified roles and responsibilities, including: new admissions, cross-coverage, ED to medicine triage, and medicine consultation. The hospitalists provide clinical care for 12 hour shifts overnight, and sign out to the daytime direct care hospitalists and housestaff teams in the morning. In addition to the night hospitalists, the night team at Moffitt-Long Hospital consists of multiple residents and subspecialty nighttime hospitalists (AHF, Cardiology, Heme-BMT).

Please contact Aline Zorian at [email protected] for any questions.