Nighttime Hospitalist Service (NHS)

Stephanie ConnerStephanie Conner, MD
Medical Director of Nighttime Hospitalist Services

Aline Zorian

Aline Zorian, MD Assistant Medical Director of AHF Hospitalist Service

The Nighttime Hospitalist Service (NHS) was established to provide uniform and direct nighttime supervision of medicine housestaff, nighttime education for medicine housestaff, and nighttime coverage of medicine services not staffed by housestaff. Two night hospitalists will be in-house overnight with specified roles and responsibilities. One night hospitalist will be the general medicine hospitalist (Night Hawk or night Hospitalist At WorK) and the second night hospitalist will be the sub-specialty medicine hospitalist (Night Falcon or night Physician Admitting Lung and Cardiac disease OverNight). The hospitalists will provide clinical care at staggered intervals from 7:30 pm - 7:30 am for the Night Falcon and 8:30 pm - 8:30 am for the Night Hawk. In addition to the two night hospitalists, the night team at Moffitt-Long Hospital consists of two medicine night residents (Night Badger and Wolf), a cardiology night resident (Night Ninja), a cardiology night intern (Night Turtle), a night medicine crosscover intern (Night Fox), a night admitting intern (Night Hound) and a swing medicine resident (Bat resident). For the latest updated schedule, go to the online schedule for the Division of Hospital Medicine at (password: ucsf hosp).

Please contact Stephanie Conner at [email protected] or Aline Zorian at [email protected] for any questions.