DHM Internal Grants Awardees 2022


DHM Internal Grants Awardees 2022


Shradha Kulkarni and Emily Insetta, mentored by Cindy Lai and Nancy Choi, are leading a project entitled, "An Innovative Curriculum to Improve and Modernize MS3 Oral Presentations." This project will continue work led by Emily and Shradha to redesign and standardize the MS3 oral presentation that involves surveying faculty, residents, and students on gaps and limitations of the current presentation within the clinical learning environment; designing an improved framework for presentation and standardizing expectations for faculty and residents. 


Sergio Torres, mentored by Liz Dzeng and Margaret Fang, is leading a project entitled, "Shared Decision-Making Across the Linguo-cultural Barrier: The Hispanic Perspective on End-Of-Life Discussions during Hospitalization." This 2-phase proposal will conduct 1) interviews and thematic analyses of chronically ill inpatients identifying as Latin/Hispanic to identify and describe barriers, areas of opportunity, and strengths in communication for end-of-life (EOL) discussions. The second phase of the project will focus on developing a culturally conscious communication skills workshop to improve EOL communications between patients/families and providers from different cultural backgrounds with a more expansive scope. 


This is the 7th year of funding for the DHM Internal Grants Program, designed to support junior faculty careers and projects within the division. Many careers and important divisional work have been launched with this funding. Calls for applications are sent out every fall, and new and junior faculty are encouraged to apply!


For questions about applying or for consideration of developing projects for the next Internal Grants Program cycle, please email [email protected].



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