Equity & Belonging in Hospital Medicine

As we all work together to deliver equitable patient care, this month's equity pearl is to reflect upon our opiate prescribing practices. This study (NEJM, July 2021) explored opiate prescribing patterns in 310 health systems in the US, and found that white patients received 36% more pain medication by dosage than Black patients, even though both groups received prescriptions at similar rates.

A simple question to ask yourself when prescribing opiates on admission, cross-cover, or discharge, is "Is bias involved as I write this order?" It may change your next steps!



    To learn more about anti-racist strategies, please note this faculty development opportunity: "Tea House Series: Striving Together To Be Antiracist". The Tea House Series consists of 5 unique sessions that will begin in Fall 2021 and end by Summer 2022. The sessions are on Wednesdays between 4:00pm-5:30pm.

    • 10/27/21 - Session 1 Roots
    • 12/08/21 - Session 2 Unlearn
    • 02/09/22 - Session 3 Humility
    • 04/13/22 - Session 4 Habits
    • 06/29/22 - Session 5 Antiracist

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