UCSF is one of the top employers in the Bay Area. It offers the many cultural and intellectual benefits of a thriving campus. As one of the largest institutions in San Francisco, UCSF is able to offer superior medical and other benefits to its employees, in addition to access to varied career opportunities. Come and join UCSF! Below are some information you may find helpful when you visit us.

Accommodations near UCSF:

Off Campus Lodging
Stanyan Park Hotel:
Majestic Hotel:
Laurel Inn:

Restaurants around UCSF:

Pacific Catch:
Curry Village:
Park Chow:

Directions to UCSF:

Campus Maps:

Driving Directions:

Car Rental Options:
Prices are based on amount of time spent (for example, renting a car for one day is between $85-90, longer stays up to $200). Each car rental link has its own fare calculators.

UCSF Parking and Costs:

Public Transit:

Bart, SFO to Civic Center is $8.10 + $2.00 for N Muni = $10.10

Shuttle Service from Laurel Heights to UCSF: 
Walking directions from Laurel Inn to Laurel Heights Campus: 

Trip-planner for cabs in SF, estimated fare from SFO to UCSF about $53.20

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